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Why it pays to create fun in your workplace

Having fun at work is so important that there is even a day named after it.  The last Friday in January is Have Fun at Work Day.  We think it’s a good one to add to your office calendar – and here’s why…

Remember Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?  There’s a very good reason why Snow White was so popular… she knew the importance of having fun while you get the hard stuff done.  She got her team of woodland creatures whistling away while they worked – and they didn’t even notice she had tricked them into cleaning the whole house.  Clever.

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime [Source:].  Having a pleasant time while we are there is so important because it makes getting up every morning and dealing with all of the trials and tribulations of the job a lot easier.

Why does it pay to have happy staff?

Staff retention

If a person enjoys their job, they are more likely to stay there longer – saving you the time and money of advertising and recruiting new staff (even though we can help you with that).

Staff loyalty

Are you more willing to please a person if they only notice your presence when they want something from you – or the person who is always pleased to see you and shows that they appreciate your time and effort?  Making sure your staff are happy and relaxed at work will naturally build a rapport within your team and with you as their manager.   They will want to work hard for you, and repay you for making them feel valued.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that fun in the office equals less work getting done.  A study by Economists at the University of Warwick found that happy workers were 12% more productive while unhappy workers were 10% less productive.   Fun doesn’t have to mean taking time away from important tasks or skipping deadlines – concentrate on making the whole atmosphere enjoyable, or introduce a ‘fun Friday’ theme to reward your team at the end of a hard week – they will appreciate it.

Takeaway Tip: Ask your team what they think would make work more fun!  Send out a survey or introduce a suggestion box (you might want to make it anonymous!) and see what ideas you get back.

Be the place everyone wants to work

In a world of low unemployment where skilled employees are in high-demand, you need to make sure your workplace has something to attract the best candidates.  When a prospective recruit comes for an interview, make sure they see what great environment you can offer them.  They will sense the vibe of your company from the people they encounter while they are there.  If you can’t offer big bonuses or the highest salaries, make your workplace stand out for other reasons – tell them about any fun days you hold, quirky challenges in the office, dress-down Fridays and team charity events.  At a time when mental health and a steady work-life balance is high priority, this will make you stand out as an employer of choice.

Will you be celebrating Have Fun at Work Day in your office?  Or are you a fun place to work?  We love to hear ideas from employers so share them with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.  Or email us on