FAQ’s for Temporary Workers

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 FAQ's for temps

What is the process for starting temp work?

Temps! First of all, congratulations, you have taken the first step in looking towards becoming a temporary worker.  Arden Personnel will help you find temporary work and will make sure you will be working for a reputable company in your local area.  First of all, you will need to register with us here, and then a consultant will call you to run through all of your details.

Why would a Company want to use temps?

Sometimes, a business may need some extra help without hiring a permanent member of staff.  Additionally, they may need help covering for holidays, sickness or maybe a a short term project they need help with.  It may also be that they have a permanent role but want to hire a temp first to ensure they have the right person.  

What are the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)?

The European Agency Workers Directive grants agency workers the right to receive the same pay and working conditions they would have if the hirer directly employed them for the same role..

Who do the regulations apply to?

Under the AWR, temps become entitled after they have been in the same role with the same hirer for 12 calendar weeks. This entitlement grants them the same pay and working conditions as a comparable direct employee of the hirer. Liability for ensuring you receive these entitlements primarily rests with Arden Personnel, as the agency. However, before placing you into the assignment, we gathered details from the hirer regarding the pay and working conditions to ensure compliance with our obligations under the AWR. If the information provided to us is incorrect and we acted reasonably in making the necessary inquiries, liability may shift to the hirer.

In what circumstances would I have to start the qualifying period again?

If there is a break between assignments for any reason other than those listed above, lasting longer than 6 weeks, a qualifying period will need to be restarted. Also, the qualifying period may reset to zero if you transition to a substantially different temporary assignment, such as moving to a new hirer or taking on a completely different role within the same hirer.

What is my holiday entitlement?

As a temporary worker, you qualify for the statutory minimum paid holiday of 5.6 weeks per year, which we will calculate pro rata based on the proportion of the holiday you work. Once you complete 12 calendar weeks within the same role with the same hirer, the hirer will grant you the same amount of paid holiday entitlement as they would if they had directly recruited you for the assignment.

Who do I contact if I can’t make it into work for my temporary assignment?

If, for any reason you cannot make it into work, please ensure you call Arden Personnel, as your employer, first.  You can speak to any of the team here, or email admin@ardenpersonnel.co.uk.  Although a telephone call is preferable.  We will then let the client know that you won’t be in that day.  

How do I submit my hours?

You must submit timesheets at the end of the week using our online timesheet submission process here. Upon submission, the Accounts department will contact the temp’s Line Manager to authorise their hours. Additionally, If the Line Manager is on annual leave or unavailable, the temp must provide an alternative contact. Timesheets must be submitted no later than 12pm on a Monday.

What day is payday and how to access payslips?

Payday falls on a Friday, and instructions to access your payslip are here.  Furthermore, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact accounts at accounts@ardenpersonnel.co.uk.

How do I book annual leave?

You can request annual leave from us. We will then contact the client to ascertain if the requested time off suits them.

Do temps receive sick pay?

Temporary workers are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). For more information, please visit www.gov.uk/statutory-sick-pay.

Can I join a pension scheme as a temp?

After 3 months of continuous temping with Arden Personnel, we would enroll temps in the Government Workplace Pension Scheme (NEST). If preferred, temps can choose not to be enrolled but must inform Personnel in writing as soon as possible.

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