Clients – Temporaries Division

Do you need a temp?

As a temp recruitment agency, we quickly place temp workers within a diverse range of businesses. We offer clients strong relationships, market insight and a high calibre of candidates.

Based in the heart of Warwickshire, Arden Personnel supply temps working within Commercial sectors including Office, IT, Sales, Marketing, Accounts and HR.  Contact our temp recruitment solutions team for help with your recruitment needs.

Why work with us?

  • As a temporary job agency, our specialist temp recruitment consultants meet, interview and reference check all our temporary workers. We only keep the best temps in our database for recommending to clients;
  • We have a database of immediately available candidates, with a wide range of skills and experience;
  • We provide a consultative service to clients. This enables us to provide the best workforce for your needs on a temporary basis;
  • We have been in the market for a long time and can demonstrate local market knowledge and understanding of business needs;
  • We keep in regular contact with candidates and have an awareness of trends in contract types and day rates;
  • We are honest and trustworthy, we will always manage expectations and if we know that we can’t fulfill your business needs we will always tell you.
  • We are flexible and knowledgeable about methods of engagement, including addressing areas such as contract notice periods and personal data usage;
  • We provide ongoing aftercare and customer service by keeping in regular contact with temp placements. This will ensure they remain motivated and that we address any issues
  • We have an in house Accounts team who payroll our temporary candidates, this allows us to ensure workers are paid on time and correctly.

Why hire a Temp?

Holidays and Sickness

Temporary workers are ideal for staff holidays and sickness.

Project work

Capable temps can assist permanent staff to meet the long term needs of the project, improving efficiency and streamlining productivity.

Cost saving

Hiring a temp can often lead to cost savings with hourly pay rates, rather than fixed salaries, preferred to remunerate employees.

Resource during restructuring

Introducing temporary staff during a period of company restructuring can help with the transitional phase.

Relieve the pressure

Temps are often introduced to reduce some of the stress that permanent staff may be feeling due to excess work.

Permanent opportunities

Although a temporary member of staff is just that.  Permanent opportunities may become available and hiring them is better than starting a new recruitment process from scratch.

Top Temps

If you would like to speak to us regarding a temporary booking, please call us on 01789 532220 and ask for the temporaries division.