Meet the Team

The Crazy Team at Arden Personnel

Lissa Fletcher – Recruitment Director

Lissa Fletcher, Recruitment Director at Arden Personnel

Lissa lives locally in the village of Salford Priors, and loves the country life.  However, she also loves her 2nd home in North Devon just as much.  She loves nothing more than taking the dogs to the beach and re-charging her batteries.

Lissa founded Arden Personnel in 2012, from her dining room table.  After years of working for high street agencies, Lissa wanted Arden Personnel to have that little something different.  Arden Personnel has gone from strength to strength.

Lissa likens herself to a Jack Russell dog, fiesty but very loyal. Her advice to her younger self would be “try not to worry too much, if things don’t go to plan, learn from it and move on”.

Nicki Mole – Business Manager

Nicki Mole, Business Manager, Arden Personnel

Nicki lives in the Redditch area and joined Lissa at Arden Personnel in 2018, after working for a high street agency and also having worked in HR and Marketing, Nicki joined Lissa to assist with all aspects of the business.

Nicki likens herself to a bird, always up early in the mornings and always chirpy.  She loves analysing data and anything technical.

Nicki loves nothing more than walking her dogs and spending time with her family.  Nicki’s advice to her younger self would be “chill, things always work out in the end!”


Champ, Arden Personnel's dog

If Champ were human he would be a classy French student, drinking in posh wine bars.  Champ is our posh boy and is very nervous but give him lots of love and you’ll have a friend for life.


Penny, Arden Personnel's dog

Penny’s nickname is Scrappy Doo.  She is the guard dog of the office and has the best character.  She really is full of personality and will do anything for food.  Penny loves sitting on the windowsill keeping guard basking in the sunshine.


Mitzi the black cockapoo

Mitzi is the baby of the gang, and loves to sleep.  She loves her walks before work and regularly jumps in the river for a swim. She is happy to sleep under the desk all day.