Sapling – Multi Agency Recruitment

Multiple-Agency Roles

While we’d love to give every vacancy top priority, practicality comes into play, prompting us to offer various service levels.

Our Level B service is still exceptional, but our Oak service will always be priority due to Sapling vacancies being available through other agencies, sharing the same pool of candidates.

Don’t worry, though. You’ll still get excellent service from us. Using our extensive database and search tools, we’ll actively hunt for suitable candidates for you. Our dedication to excellence remains strong, and we’re determined to bring you impressive talent options that match your needs.

What is included in our Sapling service?

  • Within 48 hours (depending on amount of Oak vacancies) of confirming the job specifications, you’ll receive a copy of your profesionally written advert.
  • As soon as the advertisement gains approval we’ll initiate applications and searches.
  • Your role will be placed on our website and on leading job boards.
  • Our proactive social media campaigns ensure the widest possible reach to potential candidates.
  • Expect a comprehensive list of CVs along with detailed interview notes, ensuring you have the insights you need.
  • We’ll handle the logistics of arranging interviews for you and will provide thorough feedback afterward.
  • When you extend a job offer, we will present the offer to the candidate and provide you with full feedback.
  • Once the offer has been accepted, we will promptly initiate the reference-checking process for the selected candidate.
  • Our engagement doesn’t end there. We’ll maintain contact with the candidate until their start date with your company.
  • Even after placement, we’ll continue to be a reliable resource. For the first six months, we’ll conduct regular check-ins with you and the candidate, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Remember, we’re always here to offer valuable recruitment advice, and our assistance comes without any additional cost.
  • Fees for Sapling are 15% of the annual salary up to £30,000 per annum and 17.5% thereafter.

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