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Recruiting? How can we make it easier for you to recruit?

Make it easier with Arden Direct


Set the scenario.

You have a new vacancy.
All you want to do is find a good candidate.
Easy right?
Well, it really isn’t as easy as it sounds.
There are hundreds of job boards out there to use, which are expensive!
Next, you have to think about social media channels, paid adverts work better, we all know that, more expense!
Sifting through the applications that come through that are obviously not suited to your vacancy.
Time is spent searching through them all. Time is money.  Recruitment is tough!
Even more so in the current market.
But you don’t have the budget to use a recruitment agency, so what do you do?
ARDEN DIRECT could well be your answer.
What do you get for your money?
Allocated Account Manager to manage your campaign
Copy write of your advert based on your job spec
Advertising on numerous job boards
Social media advertising (paid adverts) on 5 social channels and groups
Weekly job board searches on various boards
Shortlisting of suitable candidates
Rejection emails sent out to unsuitable candidates
Free advice on recruitment/interviews etc
You can recruit more than one person within this campaign for no extra cost.
Give yourself access to hunderds of candidates and take away the work of having to go through them all to see who is suitable.
We will only ever send you candidates with the requirements you require.
You will get full contact details of the candidates.