Arnie's CV Tips

Make sure your resume gets you noticed (for the right reasons)

Writing a CV is one of the trickiest challenges of your entire job search. What should you include? And what should you miss out?

At Arden Personnel, we receive hundreds of CVs and know that secret formula to success …


Mind the gaps

Avoid leaving any career gaps and put a positive spin on any breaks in employment – such as mentioning volunteer work or training you might have completed in those periods.


Wording is ‘key’

Think about keywords if you are uploading your CV online so that recruiters can find you more easily. Use words or phrases that are synonymous with your profession.


Never use the same CV twice

Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for! Research the role and the company to help you match your CV as perfectly as possible to their requirements. This effort makes you stand out!

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