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No mention of the C word here!

Happy Friday!

It’s our favourite day of the week, hands up if you’re counting down to #WineOClock?

Here are a couple of cheerful updates to take you through to the weekend…

Businesses everywhere are looking to adapt to a new way of working, we like this blog post from Elle Blonde which has some inspiration on how different industries can diversify.

15 Ways To Diversify Your Business When There Are No Customers

Netflix is here for you! (Just about)

When all else fails, at least we can rely on Netflix to help us chill (and entertain the kids while we try to work!).  After a huge surge in traffic, the online streaming platform has moved quickly to lower its streaming quality in-order to stop the internet from crashing!  Check out our picture opposite of Boss Dog Penny who loves a bit of Netflix and Chill action!

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That’s all for today folks, we will be back next week with more cheerful updates.  If you have any stories you would like to share with us please get in touch!