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Learning whilst in Lockdown

Update your skills

Learning whilst in Lockdown

I hope you are all well and staying safe?  It seems like a lot of us are going to be working from home or furloughed for a while yet so during this period Arden Personnel would like to offer our candidates the chance to use our online assessments and training packages to help you upskill ready for your return to work.

We have used ISV for over 7 years now and found it has helped employees to either upskill or brush up on their existing skills even learning new ones.

Our training content includes:

Our Skills Tests Are:

If you would like to take advantage of any of the above please click here by completing our contact form and letting us know which Training course or assessment you would like to do. We would suggest 3 assessments which take around 5 minutes each.We are sure that some of the above Training and Assessment courses will help your future career. Another good source for free training courses is Open Learning  which has a good variety of subjects to choose from.

Video Interviewing

We are slowly getting to grips with working from home (WFH) and video interviewing has increased each week for us. We are using a video interviewing platform called Myinterview.  This enables us to send you, the candidates, a link to pre-record a video message of yourselves where you will be asked to record a short introduction and explain why you feel you would be the best candidate for the role. We are still utilising CV’s, however we have noticed that the video format helps clients make a decision on candidates they may have previously overlooked.

We understand that video interviewing can be more difficult than a face to face meeting so we have put together some tips to consider and found Indeed to be a great source of  information. Please click the link for a full brief.

Video Interview Tips

  • Find a quiet, private, well-lit place, free from possible interruptions.
  • Ensure your internet connection is stable.
  • Check that your computer’s audio is working.
  • Test your computer’s webcam.
  • Close any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications.
  • Dress professionally and avoid bright colours.
  • Have a pen, notepad and copy of your resume on your desk.
  • When listening, nod and smile to show you are engaged.
  • Use hand gestures where appropriate.
  • Place your phone in silent mode.

On a final note, I will be hosting a Q&A recording where I will be answering any questions regarding employment/job related questions. Please drop me a message at by 20th May and I will answer the top questions asked by candidates.

Wishing you and your loved ones good wishes.  Stay safe.

Lissa, Nicki and Natalie