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Have you updated your employment contracts recently?

contracts of employment

employment contracts

There are other ways of keeping employees happy in the workplace other than a pay rise, but what are they?

Well in this blog we will explain different things you can do to retain staff.

    1.  Ensure your employees have a work/life balance
    2.  Keep your employees part of the bigger picture
    3.  Be honest with your employees
    4.  Review your holiday allowance
    5. Encourage communication from the workforce
    6. Always say thank you

Create an environment where employees feel connected and have a positive work experience.  Make work fun, put on social events including team building, reward your workforce and make the workplace a happy place.

Give your employees an opportunity to make a difference through their work.  Show them that they can be part of the future of the company and help with growth etc.  Show them that there is a progression in their roles.

Give honest feedback, and ensure you listen to your employees.  Don’t keep things from the workforce, be honest with them.  It will be appreciated

Review your company holiday allowance.  Long gone are the days when the standard 20 days holiday is attractive to an employee.  Offer them more holiday than standard.

Give your employees the chance to be a voice in the business.  Show them that you are listening to them.  You can introduce a feedback box, or something similar to really give them a voice.

Make sure you thank your workforce.  Nothing shows appreciation like those 2 simple words.

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