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What to do when your stressful job search is getting you down

5 ways to combat the anxiety of your job search

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Searching for a new job is hard work (pardon the pun).  Whether you are already employed or out of work, looking for a job is stressful.

The first Wednesday in November is National Stress Awareness Day.  Many people talk of work-related stress, but what about searching-for-work-related stress?  It’s a real thing, so we have put together some tips to help you face that stress and overcome it.

Stress Tip #1 Dealing with rejection

Nobody wants to be rejected, but sadly it is an almost inevitable part of the job search.  For every job vacancy you apply for, there is a pile of other hopeful CV’s waiting for their chance.  And when you get overlooked, it hurts your pride.  Especially when it happens more than once.

So how can you overcome that horrible feeling of rejection?

It’s all very well to tell you to pick yourself back up and start again, but when you are feeling deflated – and desperate – you don’t make good choices.  So take a step back, look over your CV and application to see where you might improve for next time.  If possible, ask for some feedback on why you didn’t get the job – constructive criticism is valuable!

Don’t try to outrun the rejection by quickly applying for another 5 jobs because you will only rush and make mistakes on your applications.

Take your time, polish your CV, dust yourself off, and look carefully for the jobs that you know are right for you.  Your time will come!

Stress Tip #2 Lacking structure

When you don’t have a job it is easy to slip out of routine and into disorganisation.  A lack of structure can be a cause of stress in itself – some people thrive on routine; they like to know what is coming next.  If you find yourself without one, you may quickly see your motivation and drive leaving you in waves.

So, set yourself a few tasks and goals for each day of your week.  Perhaps an hour of LinkedIn networking, a morning dedicated to polishing your CV, and listening to one motivational podcast each week.  Set time aside to get yourself outdoors for some fresh air, and try to put some social or professional meetups into your schedule too – you need human interaction to keep you sane!

Keep a diary, make appointments, set tasks and you will find that the comfort of your weekly schedule will keep you moving forward, instead of stagnating.

Stress Tip #3 Find a mentor

Changing your job can often leave you feeling lost and unsure of yourself.  Finding a mentor or source of support will help you to keep your self- confidence, and goals on track.  This doesn’t need to be a life coach, but someone who you respect who can provide you with some emotional and professional reassurance.  An ex-employer, tutor, colleague or professional contact you have always admired.  Seek out their advice, and we bet they will be flattered that you did.

Stress Tip #4 Allow yourself a day-off

You may feel guilty if you take time away from your job search but you absolutely deserve to have a break!  Plowing on with your job search when you feel deflated and discouraged will not do your stress levels any favours!  Pick a morning or an afternoon and do something you enjoy!  Go for a run, meet up with a friend, or go to the cinema – whatever it is that will make you feel good and take your mind of things for a few hours.  You’ll feel much better for it!  Make the most of being your own boss for a while!

Stress Tip #5 Worrying about the future

Guess what?  Job searches are temporary!  They won’t last forever, because you will find a job.  In the meantime, if you are in a job you don’t like or if you are worried about money, consider some ‘just for now’ options…. Such as temping!  Employers are always crying out for skilled temps who can fill availability at short notice, and temping is a fantastic experience.  It will also keep you motivated and earning whilst you search for your next permanent role.  You might even accidentally find a job that you love!

If you would like to try temping for yourself, you can register as a temp candidate with Arden Personnel!  We will help you find the perfect temporary role, and something longer term too.  Just register via our website, call us on 01789 532220 or email

Hopefully, you can use this advice to find some reassurance that will help to relieve some of your job search-related stress.  Remember that working with a recruitment agency can take much of the hard work and feelings of isolation away from your job search.  We will search for jobs for you, coach you for interviews and give you constructive feedback on your CV and interview performance.

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