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5 clever ways to screen potential candidates online

1) The search box can tell you a lot

Have you ever Googled yourself?  Of course you have!  (and if you haven’t, we bet you are doing it right now).

Online search engines are a great starting point when you are looking for information on candidates.  Google is the most obvious place to start, but have a look on the main social media platforms too.  Facebook can show you limited information depending on how public the user has made their page.  Twitter and Instagram might prove more tricky as users often have their nickname as their handle, and LinkedIn has some helpful search filters to help you find information more quickly.  

2) Don’t let one dodgy picture put you off

Remember that we are all human, and we all have moments we would like to forget.  Sadly, today’s social media culture means that, that questionable photo someone took of you downing shots on Sarah’s hen weekend could appear on Facebook without you even knowing.  Just because a person had a wild night out and their friends uploaded the evidence onto social media, it doesn’t mean that they are an outright party animal.  Have an open mind and look at the whole picture – if it looks like your candidate has a few too many of those moments of madness then you might well approach with caution, just don’t take one picture as the truth.

3) Be fair and consistent

If you decide to screen candidates online then put a process in place to ensure you are using the same criteria to screen all candidates, and be aware that you shouldn’t use the information you find to discriminate against any person.  Although people often share their information freely online, you should still be careful how you use the information that you find.

4) Be Pro-active

Being pro-active in your online candidate screening is important for two reasons:

  • Getting in there before they have a chance to hide or alter any information will paint a truer picture
  • Looking out for prospective candidates online is a great way of uncovering new talent that you might be able to source for future roles

5) Be discreet

We have already warned you about being fair and open with your searches, but it is as equally important that you use discretion too.  Imagine how you would feel if a potential employer started firing questions at you about the Facebook photos you shared when you were at Uni.  By all means ask your candidates questions about their lives, but don’t interrogate them over every minute detail.

It’s important to remember that online screening can be a time consuming process, and it is easy to get sucked into social media while you are searching.  As your recruitment agency, Arden Personnel can take the screening and searching off your hands altogether.  This leaves you with the time to carry on with your day job!  We use our years of experience to ask the right questions to find out as much as possible