What do we think of the talk of a 4 day working week?

Well it’s no secret that a lot of companies are trialling the 4 day working week.  Is it viable? Is it going to become the norm? More importantly, will it make us work harder?

We’ve put together a list of pros and cons


  • Reduced Costs

This is more so for the employee ie petrol, lunches, coffees etc but also for the business, if you are shutting the office up for one day per week then there are reduced costs there.

  • Happier employees

Who doesn’t love a 3 day weekend – this goes without saying that this would definitely make for happier employees

  • Less health issues

Mental health is of upmost importance, and having that extra day off in the week can really help with this.  It gives you more chance to recharge your batteries and therefore work more productively on the 4 days in the office.

  • Increase in productivity

As the employees can really re-charge their batteries on their 3 days at home, productivity in the workplace will be better.  Happier and more fulfilled staff leads to harder working.

  • Retention of staff

It’s no secret that a flexible working pattern leads to more contented staff, with working a 4 day week, businesses are more likely to keep hold of their employees.  It will also attract new employees to the business.



  • It doesn’t suit every business model

Some businesses just cannot close for one day in the week, however there are ways around this so that the employees could still do the 4 day week.  Alternating days etc could work.

  • Longer days

In reality it could be that employees will still be expected to work their normal hours, therefore trying to cram a lot into 4 days.

  • Less holiday days

If employees work less hours, then their holiday allowance will also go down. However, if they have one day per week off, this more than makes up for it.


It all comes down to how your business model would cope with 4 day working and whether it is a viable set up.  One things for sure, things are changing and work/life balance is recognised more than ever


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