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27785 – Civil Engineer Supervisor

£40,000 per annum in Bromsgrove

  • Can' ID: 8899
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Location: Bromsgrove
  • Salary: £40,000 per annum
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About 27785

27785 has worked within the civils industry for over 20 years, for several different companies.  During their most recent role they have managed 10 x two man gangs. Their day to day role includes, compliance, man management, performance and most importantly health and safety. Other responsibilities have included covering various managers within civils.

Where do they live?

This candidate lives in Bromsgrove, Worcstershire and would like to work in this area and local surrounding areas.

What salary are they looking for?

Seeking a salary of approximately £40,000 per annum

What skills do they hold?

  • Knowledge of building and construction (10+ years)
  • Thinking and reasoning (7 years)
  • Complex problem- solving (7 years)


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