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Office Co-ordinator

£12.00 per hour in Southam

  • Can' ID: 4792
  • Contract: Temporary
  • Location: Southam
  • Salary: £12.00 per hour
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A dedicated, driven and self-motivated individual who is also a team player and is always open to more experiences, opportunities and learning new talents.

Key Strengths & Skills

• Works well under pressure and can deliver to deadlines
• Excellent attention to detail but also understands the importance of the ‘bigger picture’
• A good blend of creativity with technical ability
• Enjoys coaching and helping others fulfil their potential
• Excellent written & verbal communication skills
• Puts the customer first & sensitive to the needs of others
• Sunny disposition & very approachable
• Cool/level headed in a crisis, first to offer assistance

Technical Knowledge

• Experienced in Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Outlook & PowerPoint
• Music Production work in Logic Pro X
• Use of WordPress to edit website content
• Exposure to various accounting packages, database management systems & banking systems

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