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Project Coordinator – 15747

£25,000 per annum in Redditch

  • Can' ID: 8826
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Location: Redditch
  • Salary: £25,000 per annum
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About 15747

An experienced candidate who has Helpdesk Manager, Project Manager and Operations Analyst experience. With exceptional project management and administrative abilities. Their 8 years of Project Coordinator experience has given their technical knowledge to be advanced in using various software to successfully handle customer service,administration, and researching data Along with a broad range of other IT-related skills. My candidate has been promoted several times in her current company. However, due to the downturn in the business and redundancies being made, she is feeling uncertain about her future. She isn’t too keen on being a manager and would prefer to be in a support role. They describe themselves to be a quick learner and picks things up easily, when I described your role she confirmed that her duties are similar where she also is involved with the company vehicles for the engineers. She however doesn’t drive.

Where do they live?

This candidate lives in Redditch, Worcestershire and would like to work in this area and local surrounding areas.

What salary are they looking for?

Seeking a salary of approximately £25,000 per annum

What skills do they hold?

  • Confidently using Microsoft Office, including Teams, Excel, Office, Outlook and Word
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal (English as second language and Hungarian native)
  • Efficient speed of touch typing (min. 70 wpm)
  • Keen interest of continuous education and training
  • Scheduling, Project Management, Customer Service, Administration
  • •age 50, Odoo, SynchroTeam and TeamViewer

Who would they suit?

This candidate would suit a company in the business consultancy sector but has attained lots of transferable skills that could be used in most sectors, she is looking for Redditch as she does not drive.


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