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27139 – Compliance Admin

£27,000 per annum in Redditch

  • Can' ID: 8620
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Location: Redditch
  • Salary: £27,000 per annum
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About 27139

27139 is experienced in Finance and compliance lending with over eight years of experience in the finance industry. He is dedicated to continual learning and upholding the highest standards of business practices. Jacob is able to effectively lead teams, understand complex compliance processes and maintain strong relationships with customers and partners. He is familiar with regulated practices such as GDPR, AML and TCF, and has a proven track record managing quality assurance and monitoring plans. A great finance Administrators worked within the money leading side of things for 8 years in various roles left before redundancy was given and took a funding admin role for a investment company based in Birmingham the travel is too much and he wants something closer to home.

Where do they live?

This candidate lives in Redditch, Worcestershire and would like to work in this area and local surrounding areas.

What salary are they looking for?

Seeking a salary of approximately £27,000 per annum

What skills do they hold? (again examples below – choose your own from their cv)

  • Keen and strong learner
  • Dedicated and professional
  • Experience in compliance and lending
  • Familiar with regulated practices such as GDPR, AML and TCF

Who would they suit?

This candidate would suit finance companies involved with the borrowing or lending of money.

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