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Account Manager in Redditch

£0 per annum

About 4072

Candidate 4072 an experienced professional with a wealth of knowledge committed to excellent customer service. He has 10+ years of sales experience in diverse business environments, ranging from sales admin through to technical sales. He is well versed in managing big teams as well as being detail-oriented and a quick learner. His tech savvy, strong leadership skills, and awards set him above and beyond the average candidate..

Where do they live?

This candidate lives in Redditch but can travel up to 30 minutes.

What salary are they looking for?

Seeking a salary of approximately £26,000 per annum +

What skills do they hold?

  • Over 10 Years in Sales
  • 5 Years Working B2B Worked Trade Shows / Face to Face Direct Sales
  • Management Training
  • Great Leadership Skills
  • IT Skills, competent with Office packages,Emails and VOIP

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