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Sales Manager -26292

£40,000 per annum in Alcester

  • Can' ID: 8422
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Location: Alcester
  • Salary: £40,000 per annum
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  • A strategic and results-driven leader combining over 8 years of experience managing and motivating teams to achieve challenging sales targets and KPIs within the environmental sector. I successfully promote and direct green business initiatives whilst building outstanding business relationships.
  • Successfully maximise work output by setting high work standards and objectives, carefully monitoring progress, and identifying opportunities to create and implement new methods and processes.
  • Enable and empower individuals to develop their skills and improve their performance through tailored coaching and mentoring.
  • communicate openly and effectively with colleagues and customers alike, developing and maintaining positive, long-lasting relationships.
  • Highly passionate and astutely aware of the impact that work activities have on the environment, and as such performs tasks in a manner that minimises environmental risk and damage.

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