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Executive Assistant – Stratford upon Avon

£35,000 per annum in Stratford upon Avon

  • Can' ID: 8162
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Location: Stratford upon Avon
  • Salary: £35,000 per annum
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Our candidate, 24655, is registered with Arden Personnel as an executive assistant (or pa), additionally, they are actively seeking a full-time permanent position.  Located in Stratford upon Avon they would also travel to the local areas and their expected annual salary is £35,000 pa. This dedicated professional is an experienced EA (or PA) with a wide range of skills and expertise that make them a highly valuable asset to any prospective employer.

Our candidate possesses a strong track record in coordinating global operations and crafting persuasive copy.  They can also create captivating graphic designs and adeptly managing financial administration. Their proficiency in these areas is underlined by their extensive work experience and demonstrable results.

Notably, as an executive assistant, our candidate excels in providing comprehensive support to team members and various stakeholders. Their abilities in management, communication, and organization are consistently exceptional, ensuring smooth and effective collaboration within the workplace.


Our candidate’s academic background also contributes to their skillset and furthermore they hold a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities. This provides valuable insights into understanding human behavior and the dynamics of working with individuals at all levels. This knowledge proves invaluable when working as an EA, as it helps establish effective relationships.

Our candidate thrives in deadline-driven environments therefore can work in a fast paced environment.  Their ability to perform under these conditions while consistently delivering outstanding results is a testament to their professionalism and dedication. This trait positions them as an ideal fit for roles involving executive assistance or personal assistance.

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