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Sales Account Manager

£20,000 per annum in Leamington Spa

  • Can' ID: 5327
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Location: Leamington Spa
  • Salary: £20,000 per annum
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A Sales Account Manager with a keen interest in business seeking permanent employment with progression in the role.

Reference:                                        JM-20944

Salary Expectations:                     £20,000 per annum 

Location:                                          Leamington Spa

Driving License?                            Full driving license

Highest level of Education:         2nd Class Honours 1st DivisionBA (HONS) Business

Last Position:                                Sales Account Manager


“I am a motivated individual with a desire to succeed. I strive to be enthusiastic in everything I do and have a keen interest in Business. I hope to apply the skills that I have learnt through my university course to achieve within a working environment.
I am driven to build on my existing knowledge of business and gain experience that will help me to be successful.
I feel that my organisation and commitment enable me to complete work to a high standard, whether this be as part of a group or individually.”

Education & Qualifications

Achieved: 2nd Class Honours 1st DivisionBA (HONS) Business

Modules: Managing Creativity, Design and Innovation, Leadership and Employability, Strategic marketing, Global Supply Chain,
Research project and Comparative and International Management.

Currently working as part of a sales team our candidate has the job is to maintain a good relationship with both suppliers and customers, finding out if they can do anything extra in order to win a bid.  They also have the responsibility in finding new businesses and projects.  Wanting to stay in a sales role, our candidate is driven and willing to learn.

Previous roles have included working in fast pace environments, securing contracts, developing clear formatted strategies whilst accounting for valuing the customer need.

Our candidate also completed a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.  Amongst physical activities, I volunteered to work with the homeless. I gained an insight into how less fortunate people live, which motivated me to make a contribution to the community.


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