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Part time Accounts Assistant

£13,000 per annum in Bromsgrove

  • Can' ID: 5277
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Location: Bromsgrove
  • Salary: £13,000 per annum
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Part time Accounts Assistant looking for permanent and contract employment

Reference:                                         GW-20819

Salary Expectations:                     £13,000 per annum

Location:                                          Bromsgrove

Driving License?                            Full driving license, ideally wants employment in Bromsgrove or local surrounding

Last Position:                                  Accounts Supervisor


  • I am an excellent communicator who works well in a busy environment.
  • I am well presented, a team player who people seem to enjoy working alongside.
  • I have good computer skills and work on the standards such as Word and Excel along with CPMS our current in house system.

My current position is that of Accounts Supervisor, my role involves collating and analysing information and producing data comparison reports for both my manager and senior management enabling both parties to keep a close check on profit and loss.

I supervise a busy cash room for which I’m responsible for the day to day running. As part of this role I’m responsible for the cash room staffing and their personal development plans, holidays and any other issues that may arise.

I approach all situations using a collaborative approach to ensure that all team members are involved while at the same time getting their commitment to the companies goals.

My role involves daily banking ensuring an accurate track is kept of the company finances and cash analysing ensuring we are on track to hit or exceed our weekly budget figure.

I have been tasked to deal with incremental revenue from corporate bookings, season tickets, events, over the last financial year this has generated over £88k.

I also invoice our customers and raise purchase order numbers for our suppliers along with running monthly competitor analysis reports and a monthly league table showing overall profit, faults and complaints enabling us to monitor where we are excelling and where improvements need to be made.

As part of my role I’m also responsible for customer service which involves me working with the general public and addressing any issues or concerns they might have during their experience. I have a many years’ of experience working in customer services which I use on a daily basis dealing with confused and occasionally irate commuters.

In 2012 I was presented with “Great People Winner” for excellent delivery of the Company’s brands and values.

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